Text Editing

"I heartily recommend CIRIMEX because you get what you pay for. Dollar for dollar no other program I've studied with comes even close to matching it." -- From a former CIRIMEX student

Text Editing, offered as a follow-up for the complete immersion program, is a fax-based text editing service for the script for oral communication, such as text for homilies. Editing service is also offered on the same terms for written communication - letters, etc. Participants fax written texts up to 1,000 words in Spanish to our Guadalajara office. Native-speaking professional Spanish instructors edit, correct errors in vocabulary, syntax, idioms ,etc and fax corrected text back to the sender within 48 hours. Text Editing is available in two formats: a diocesan group service, to participants in the complete immersion program. These participants (minimum of three participants in the SPEAKING SPANISH ONE workshop) may subscribe to the service for any and all of the participants. A second option serves only a single individual who has participated in the basic program.  

The difference between the two services is the pricing. The diocesan group service is $15 per document per week; the individual service is $20 per document. Both services provide editing for one document of up to one thousand words per person per week. The minimum time for both subscriptions is two months. There is no registration fee. Documents may be submitted Monday through Friday during the subscription period any time of the year. 

Like TEXT EDITING (PRORGAM TWO) this one is also offered as a diocesan group or individual service. Having enrolled in PROGRAM TWO is not essential to a PROGRAM THREE subscription. The pricing is also similar - diocesan groups are priced at $15/hour or part thereof; individual at $20/hour or part thereof.