"The insights into culture alone are worth the price of admission."

"I've studied at four other Texan, South American and Mexican schools. CIRIMEX is head and shoulders above all of them."

"CIRIMEX's Mexico is truly a university for the spirit!"

"I heartily recommend CIRIMEX because you get what you pay for. Dollar for dollar no other program I've studied with comes even close to matching it."

"There is a clear emphasis on serious study at one's own pace in a very pleasant, informal, highly supportive atmosphere. I wouldn't change a thing."

"Everything was top notch! I felt so affirmed, so comfortable, with the beautiful campus, the homelike classrooms, the personalized program, the positive, encouraging and supportive staff. This made it so easy for me to engage my mind and spirit in the very intensive effort the program requires."

"Very professional teachers... went out of their way to provide materials related to my special interests, to share their experience and to help me interpret mine. They coordinated their efforts well, and provided a really well-integrated program." 

"It's a great adventure you provide here... I loved everything...  I especially prized the one-on-one format... it is infinitely adaptable... every minute of class time was devoted to my needs and my progress. One could get addicted."

"I was so impressed with Caridad's ability and preparation...so attuned to and knowledgeable about the Latin American Church and contemporary issues."

"We had an experience far above our expectations! We were given an amazingly wonderful exposure, not only to the language but also to the history and culture of Mexico."

"The personalized, individual instruction is ideal...a perfect job of involving the student in creating his/her own program and adapting materials and instructions to his/her actual needs so profitably."

"The one-on-one approach is so effective because of the strength of the teachers... they helped me adapt my thinking to the underlying structure of the language... they were wonderfully creative in generating course material that was, in addition to being both fun and interesting, exactly what I needed at the time."

"I've learned more here in three weeks than I did in the last three years in other language schools! I'm really sorry I didn't come here first and save all that time and money."