Speaking-Spanish Follow-Up

"Very professional teachers... went out of their way to provide materials related to my special interests, to share their experience and to help me interpret mine … coordinated their efforts well … provided a really well-integrated program." -- From a former CIRIMEX student

This program is a webcam-based service designed as a follow-up to the Speaking Spanish program and to some extent the Text Editing program. The Follow-UP program will assist those who feel the need for more guidance, direction and practice with specific oral or written documents in Spanish. Like participates in the Text Editing program, participants will submit written text via faxes to instructors in Guadalajara Monday through Wednesday. The instructor will make the necessary corrections and return the document via fax within 48 hours.   

On Wednesday through Friday, at a time chosen by the participant and agreed to by the instructor, via the webcam the instructor and participant will meet electronically and using the audio and video potential of a webcam go over the oral presentation and/or written elements of the document. The instructor will offer guidance for the correct usage in the construction of the text as well as help with the correct oral articulation.  

Like the editing service this program is offered only as a follow-up to the basic workshop. The service will provide up to one hour of teacher/student interaction per student per week. The other minimum and maximum requirements are the same as for the TEXT EDITING program.