CIRIMEX Programs

"I've learned more here in three weeks than I did in the last three years in other language schools! I'm really sorry I didn't come here first and save all that time and money." -- From a former CIRIMEX student

The substance of the CIRIMEX EXPERIENCE is the one-on-one courses we have created to meet the needs of the professional world. Our courses are adapted to various professional levels - seminarian, priest or prelate, and/or language competency the student presents. We serve students from many religious orders, male and female. Our students come from dioceses in all parts of the United States, from many seminaries and from more than twenty countries worldwide. We also serve professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, police, etc. and persons who work for multinational companies, non-governmental organizations as well as volunteers, some returning to the United States and some on their way to other parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

Let's review the highlights of the three factors of THE CIRIMEX EXPERIENCE - the language, cultural and pastoral dimensions. The CIRIMEX EXPERIENCE language dimension through our total immersion, one-on-one tutorial format is …
  1. comprehensive and intensive
  2. fluency oriented
  3. effective and efficient pedagogically
  4. adapted to the professional needs, language development level and learning patterns of each student and
  5. most personally satisfying and enjoyable

The cultural dimension, by utilizing both class and non-class time in the total immersion format to focus on Hispanic culture is …
  1. most extensive in scope
  2. rooted in the Mexican reality
  3. congruent with 80% of U.S. Hispanics
  4. hands-on, participatory and interactive

The pastoral dimension offers …
  1. direct contact with the spiritual and sacramental life of the Mexican Church
  2. acquaints students with the rites and devotions that are especially meaningful and sustaining for Mexican spiritual and cultural life
  3. precisely adapted to prepare students for the pastoral care of Hispanics
  4. prepares for successful ministry to Spanish-speaking Mexicans in the United States

Through our total immersion, one-on-one, concentrated, intensive tutorial format, CIRIMEX offers the most comprehensive, fluency-oriented, effective and economical language programs available!

For more information about The CIRIMEX EXPERIENCE, please contact our Iowa business office. Feel free to write, email or call us. We look forward to hearing how we can assist you!