Language Programs

"The one-on-one approach is so effective because of the strength of the teachers ... they helped me adapt my thinking to the underlying structure of the language ... they were wonderfully creative in generating course material that was, in addition to being both fun and interesting, exactly what I needed at the time."
-- From a former CIRIMEX student 


These are general courses in Spanish for English-speakers and English for Spanish-speakers. All are conducted in our unique one-on-one format for all language levels. Start anytime and go as long as you like.


Nearly 95% of our language/culture courses are pastorally-oriented. The program is directed by Dr. Caridad Inda, one of the leading scholars on the Church , the political and economic realities of Latin America, and the sociology of the church and society in Mexico. In addition she is a master of the romance languages and in helping adults to achieve fluency in a second language. Situated in beautiful Guadalajara, at once colonial and vibrantly modern, CIRIMEX offers genuine total immersion and real-context experience.


CIRIMEX provides professionally-specific language/culture training for a number of divisions of large U.S. corporations and professional groups including executive and mid-level management, lawyers, physicians, nurses, social services, professors, teachers, students, homemakers and retirees. These courses are conducted like our other language/culture programs except that care is taken to develop the particular professional vocabulary and cultural variances of that profession.


These courses are customized to meet the special needs of individual companies or departments within the company. They help employees transferred cross-nationally to minimize mistakes and inefficiencies in performance due to deficiencies in general or technical language/culture skills.


Group courses are offered to small groups (four or fewer) who, before enrolling, choose to study together. No other participant is added to the group. CIRIMEX provides one tutor six hours a day five days a week for the group. At its discretion the group may utilize the tutor as a one-on-one instructor, dividing the time among the participants in any manner it chooses, as a group classroom teacher or any combination of the two. In all other respects the pre-formed group members are treated as other participants. CIRIMEX suggests that a pre-formed group include persons of like training goals, language skills and levels of training .