Experience Oriented Programs

"There is a clear emphasis on serious study at one's own pace in a very pleasant, informal, highly supportive atmosphere. I wouldn't change a thing." -- From a former CIRIMEX student

Like all other CIRIMEX programs, the Experience-Oriented programs, are customized to the needs and goals of the group. They accommodate groups of up to fifteen persons who want to experience the Mexican reality. Unlike the language programs, there is minimal emphasis on language and groups are housed on the CIRIMEX campus. Participants have the opportunity to observe and interact with salient aspects of Mexican life in Guadalajara and its environs, including the Plaza Tapatía, Tonalá, Tlaquepaque, Zapopan, etc. Depending upon the interests of the group, opportunities are offered to explore salient sectors of political , social, economic, religious or ethnic significance, 2) colonial and historical sites, 3) the industrial base such as the many international maquiladoras and the domestic ceramics, textiles, glass-blowing, crafts, folk art, and popular markets, 4) the fine arts such as the museums, the Ballet Folclórico and the outstanding examples of Mexico's great muralist José Clemente Orozco, the popular culture such as the mariachis, cinema, night life, civic and religious festivals and the nearby resort at Lake Chapala and Ajijic.

Group discussions insure that each person succeeds in assimilating, processing and sharing the information, impressions and insights generated by the experience. The discussion groups may be conducted in Spanish , English or a combination of the two. This program generally serves college and university groups, and church / civic groups interested in justice and peace issues.


Small Group and Private Retreats in English or Spanish for individuals and small groups may be scheduled, except in the summer months, for whatever length of time the participants choose. Directed retreats, not including corporate retreats, are scheduled the first and last weeks of the month, depending upon the retreat master´s schedule. Living accommodations for retreat participants are provided on the CIRIMEX campus single or double occupancy. Aspects of the experience-oriented program may be combined with a retreat.


These programs generally serve groups from U.S. colleges and universities by providing language, history, contemporary affairs and international relations courses, work/service and individual study projects . Admission to these groups is through the sponsoring U.S. school. College credits may be earned through the sponsoring school. Small groups (ten or fewer) are lodged on the CIRIMEX campus; larger groups may choose home boarding or nearby hotels.